A refreshing sparkling water without any of the bad stuff!

A refreshing sparkling water without any of the bad stuff!

Our Story

Spindrift® is America’s first and only sparkling water made with real, squeezed fruit. Our water is triple-filtered and our fruit is picked from family farms, then squeezed, and canned before it knows what hit it. We go from farm to bubble and the result is light, bright, and slightly pulpy sparkling water. We think it’s delicious and hope you do, too.

Founder Bill Creelman grew up on a farm in Western Massachusetts where all the food was unprocessed, seasonal, and fresh. In 2010, he began making his own sparkling beverages to help him kick his fiendish Diet Coke habit. He wanted something refreshing, with real ingredients he could understand and feel good about. Something he could let his kids drink. After much trial and error he achieved this by combining simple ingredients: fresh fruit and triple-filtered sparkling water.

Inspired by his days working on charter fishing boats off Nantucket Island, he named this new company Spindrift, the whitewash of a breaking wave. For him, the ocean is the perfect symbol of real refreshment

We have the following 3 effervescent flavors:



Our Blackberry Sparkling Water is packed with real fruit goodness. We use blackberries from the Pacific Northwest and combine blackberry juice and puree to bring out the best flavor. Our feet are still purple from all that stomping… But seriously, our Blackberry flavor is delectably indulgent, yet light and refreshing. Sweet but not sweetened. It’s also great outside the can and makes for a beautiful deep, reddish-purple pour.


Raspberry Lime

Raspberry Lime is a delight. It’s one of the sweetest flavors in the Spindrift line-up and one of the most beautiful poured out of its can. (Think bright pink and seriously delicious.) The real fruit we use comes from the Pacific Northwest directly to you. So even if you’ve never been there, you’ve kind of been there.



When life hands us lemons (from family farms in California) and we make them sparkly. Our Lemon is a classic, flavorful sparkling water. It tastes just like if you ordered “sparkling” at a restaurant and squeezed a 4-5 lemon slices into it. Except much more portable.

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