Another great product arrives from a customer request!

Another great product arrives from a customer request!

If you don’t already know about it, we have this wonderful program where our customers can request a new product or leave comments about how we can better serve them.  Crunch Culture yogurts are a recent example of an amazing, local item one of our customers found elsewhere, but wanted to support us by buying it here.  We tasted it and immediately knew why!  My personal favorite is the SOMAple parfait, but with 4 parfaits in compostable cups to choose from along with 16oz yogurts in reusable mason jars, I’m sure you will have a favorite too!

Here’s some more information about them:

crunch culture 1 Crunch culture 2

What we do

At Crunch Culture we are focused on creating unique and innovative flavors of plant-based yogurt paired with gluten-free granola. Passion, creativity and doing business with integrity are our core values.

We have worked hard for years perfecting the art of plant-based yogurt and granola recipes. If you have dietary restrictions and had to give up yogurt, or you simply are looking for a delicious and healthy plant-based yogurt, we are confident that you will enjoy Crunch Culture.

We choose to use nothing but the best ingredients we have available to us, and bring them to life by combining them into unique flavors.

Our story

The inspiration of making plant-based yogurt comes from living in the San Francisco community, working towards the goal of health and wellness. While upholding centuries old yogurt making craft, we integrate creativity, and passion to explore with new flavors and possibilities.

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