Everything You Need For Holiday Baking Is Here

Everything You Need For Holiday Baking Is Here

From the tools of the trade, to holiday classics, to modern baking, we have everything you need to impress your friends and family this holiday baking season.  We even have the ingredients to help you ensure you are minding every dietary need from several gluten free flours to natural sugar replacements.  Stop in and check it all out today.


  Made Better to Taste Better

Purity with Purpose

Ingredients are everything. That’s why we stop at nothing to find the very best, genuine in character, conscious in origin and positive in impact.


All our ingredients are authentic, organic and never genetically modified, so our flavors are full and vibrant, not skewed or superficial.


We choose progressive planting methods that keep the soil healthy and actively enrich the land.


We source from small farms that protect and advance the wellbeing of fieldworkers, because goodness should be global.




Silicone Baking Mat – Jelly Roll

No more greasing and no more burning! This baking mat’s silicone fiber insulates your pan and provides a non-stick surface. Bake on it, wipe it down, and then roll it up for easy storage. Baking mats can also be hung.

  • Insulates pan for no-burn baking
  • Non-stick surface is easy to clean plus there’s no need to grease
  • Sold individually
  • Jelly Roll – 16.5″ x 11.5″

Bench Scraper

Divide and conquer! The Bench Scraper makes cutting, scraping and portioning dough a breeze. Featuring a tapered and off-set blade, you’ll be able to easily get under dough as well as cut and serve baked goods. Measurement guide printed on blade for portioning.

  • Tapered edges to cut & scrape easily
  • Off-set blade
  • Handy measurement guide

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