the peanut shop

the peanut shop

New premium nuts from The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg are here!

At The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg, we have been carefully selecting and hand roasting the finest peanuts in Virginia for more than 40 years. After all these years we still honor the same traditional recipe, roasting the “cream of the crop” peanuts in small batches according to our “gold standard”… providing our customers with peanuts that are unique, distinctive and deliciously crisp. It’s comforting for our customers to know that for more than four decades, the simple goodness of our peanut has changed very little. Not only are they simply good, they are simply healthy – something our peanut lovers have suspected for years.

We have

Roasted Georgia Pecans ~ Lightly Salted

Handcooked Virginia Peanuts ~ Lightly Salted

Hand Selected Mixed Nuts

Whole Cashews ~ Lightly Salted

Banana Nut ~ Fruit & Nut Mix

Natural Pistachios ~ Lightly Salted

Fine Indian Cashews in a Colonial Package

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